Insurance Coverage Guidance For Families

About 10 years ago, a practice I know posted a message to SOAPM - maybe it was PedTalk! - about hiring a full time staff person to help guide families through their insurance coverage details. Her job is to discuss topics like HDHPs, HSAs, medical cr...
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The Confused Parent's Guide to Health Insurance

Meet Dr. Chad Hayes. He's a solo pediatrician in SC with an interesting path to pediatrics who happens to write a particularly interesting and well-considered blog (yay, English majors!). He showed up on SOAPM a while back and endeared himself quickl...
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PCMH's Impact on Cost and Quality?

I am, as a rule, a big fan of the PCMH concept. The process for recognition and the inability to get those outside your circle to participate - namely, specialists are other things entirely, of course. Even with those caveats, PCMH remains perhaps th...
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Best Insurance Letter of 2014

Let me set the scene: this is a letter from a pediatric practice with both a child psychiatrist and a psychiatric NP (great start to a story!). A large, gorilla payer subcontracts its mental health care to another well-known "healthcare management co...
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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I had a great time speaking to Drs. Bravo and Rogu on their growing podcast, The Pediatric Lounge, to discuss the state of independent pediatricians and the use of data in a pediatric practice. They are cranking out episodes (which is a good thing) and anyone who supports independent pediatricians should tune in to their effort. What they are doing takes a tremendous amount of work and their guest list is amazing (well, besides me). They turned our conversation into back-to-back episodes (32 and 33), "Independent Pediatric Practice 2022" and "Data Data Data and Managing a Pediatric Office." If you prefer video, you catch up on their YouTube channel.
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