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About Chip Hart

As a dynamic and motivating speaker, Chip leads educational seminars and consults for pediatric professionals nationwide for organizations like the AAP, state chapter AAP programs, the MGMA, and various physician and hospital organizations around the country. Chip was a member of the CCHIT Child Health Work Group and is a member of the CDC Clinical Decision Support and Children’s Model EHR Format working groups. Chip contributes articles on practice management and health care information technology for Pediatric Coding Alert, the AAP’s SOAPM Newsletter, Medical Group Management Association, The Independent Pediatrician and more. Chip lives in Vermont with his wife and their two sons.


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Children's Community Physicians Association Annual Meeting


Off to Chicago to have a blast with Heidi from PedsOne and that goofball I used to do a podcast with, Brandon Betancourt.

AL AAP 2023 Spring Meeting & Fall Pediatric Update


Alabama Chapter-AAP members and other pediatric healthcare providers, join the Chapter for its signature event, the Spring Meeting & Pediatric Update!  In 2023, we are delighted to host pediatricians from throughout the state and region once again at The Lodge at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, AL, this time on Memorial Day weekend!

FCAAP Forum Series


The 2023 series will offer four focus areas over the course of the year: Practice Culture, Immunizations, Professional Development, and Advocacy. Speakers for the series include Dr. Brandon Chatani, Dr. Sandy Chung, Dr. Nola Ernest, Dr. Shannon Fox-Levine, Mr. Chip Hart, Dr. Akshata Hopkins, Dr. Joanna Perdomo, Dr. Toni Richards-Rowley, Mr. Tim Rushford, Dr. Katie Schafer, Dr. Robin Warner, Dr. Melinda Williams-Willingham, and Dr. Mariam Zeini.

Blogs/Chip Hart

Change Healthcare Update

Earlier today, our crew here sent out a message to all of our clients about what we're seeing with the Change Healthcare debacle. Because of our position as a clearinghouse ourselves, we're able to took further behind the curtain and are willing to s...
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2024 RBRVS GPCI Analysis

Every year, I try to do an analysis of the RBRVS GPCI values - I think this is the most overlooked aspect of the RVU changes from year to year.
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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I had a great time speaking to Drs. Bravo and Rogu on their growing podcast, The Pediatric Lounge, to discuss the state of independent pediatricians and the use of data in a pediatric practice. They are cranking out episodes (which is a good thing) and anyone who supports independent pediatricians should tune in to their effort. What they are doing takes a tremendous amount of work and their guest list is amazing (well, besides me). They turned our conversation into back-to-back episodes (32 and 33), "Independent Pediatric Practice 2022" and "Data Data Data and Managing a Pediatric Office." If you prefer video, you catch up on their YouTube channel.
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