Medical Loss Ratio, Stomach Ache

First, Dr. Stoller threw out this amazing reference on SOAPM. It's a fast read from Wendell Potter (you remember, the former CIGNA-exec turned whistle blower) about talks happening between the insurance companies and Congress right now.
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Egregious Insurance Policies (Thanks, Budd!)

A few weeks ago, there was a challenge on the SOAPM list to come up with the Top 10 Most Egregious Insurance Company Behaviors. Dr. Budd Shenkin compiled and edited the list which, in the draft you see below, I find quite impressive.
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ARRA Sleight of Hand

It began with a simple message in my mailbox. "Poll for your blog - Will RECs deliver on their mission?" I bopped over to the piece about RECs and was pleasantly surprised by their analysis of the REC process so far. Their analysis...
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Meaningful Use for Pediatricians

As you may have heard - even the AAP has announced the news - the Final Draft of the Meaningful Use Final Rule has been issued by CMS. There are already dozens of analyses of the results posted on-line (how some of these folks read 860+ pages in a ma...
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UHC Lawsuit Details

A week ago, one of our clients who retired called us out of the blue to ask if the server that they used 5-10 years ago could be booted up to extract some UHC-specific data. I won't get into the details of what it takes to resurrect an RS/6000 (the g...
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Aetna NP Update

About a month ago, I lamented Aetna's effort to ding all the NP fees they pay by 15% across the board.
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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I had a great time speaking to Drs. Bravo and Rogu on their growing podcast, The Pediatric Lounge, to discuss the state of independent pediatricians and the use of data in a pediatric practice. They are cranking out episodes (which is a good thing) and anyone who supports independent pediatricians should tune in to their effort. What they are doing takes a tremendous amount of work and their guest list is amazing (well, besides me). They turned our conversation into back-to-back episodes (32 and 33), "Independent Pediatric Practice 2022" and "Data Data Data and Managing a Pediatric Office." If you prefer video, you catch up on their YouTube channel.
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