AAP Fighting for Appropriate Vaccine Support

Tonight on the COVID webinar with a few of our friends, I plan to share a lot of information, including the latest data trends (which I'll update here).  One chunk of content I want to highlight is this:

The AAP recently delivered this series of letters and materials to punch right at the heart of the COVID impact on children and pediatricians.  Among other things, they call upon DHH and Congress to address:

  • Prospective Medicaid Vaccine Payments
  • Increasing Regional Maximum VFC Vaccine Administration Fees
  • Appropriately Valued Vaccine Codes
  • Allow Borrowing Between Public and Private Vaccine Stock
  • Prioritize Delivery of Seasonal Flu Vaccine to VFC Providers
  • Reduced Regulatory Burden and Collaboration with Providers on Quality Initiatives

...and a lot more.  This is a big deal. I realize that these letters don't always turn into the results we need.  For the AAP to advocate for children by directly supporting the needs of those who care for them may also not be entirely new.  But boy does it seem different.

There's one thing (understandably) missing from the AAP's content here and that's turning the spotlight on the commercial plans who don't properly cover vaccination.  We all know of some NATIONAL PAYORS who typically pay less than Medicare, some of whom pay less than Medicaid!  Use the materials above to leverage those conversations with your patients, your local employers, and the payors themselves.

The AAP has never done more, imo, to make these discussions easier for you.  Take advantage.