Single Payer Bogey Man

For the record, I'm not in favor of a single-payer system.  But I'm also not a fan of much of the rhetoric that I hear against the concept.
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Shame on Horizon BCBS of NJ

It started when Susanne Madden sent me this "nice" message from Horizon to help me warn our clients about games Horizon continues to play.  Bottom line: they expect to stop paying for -25 or -59 modified codes starting May 10, 2010.
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Small Practice Takes On Big Payer, Round 77

Over on PartnerTalk (the PCC user mailing list), one of our clients mentioned trying to get UHC to the table three times and failing.  I pointed out that the insurance companies have no motivation to pay attention to a small pediatric practice until ...
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Chronic Disease Management 101

I might be at an all-time backup on blog entries, but wanted to share this article quickly.  After doing two classes about this very example here at the UC in the last 24 hours, Lynn sent me this piece about the very example I use!  Way to go, Lynn.
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being invited back to the EntreMD podcast with Dr. Una.  Apparently, our last podcast was her most popular podcast in all of 2020!
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