SOAPM Section H Presentation - Negotiating With Insurance Companies

SO MUCH to report.  I just got back from the Pediatric CEO Intensive, which may have been the most rewarding event I've ever attended.   I'll be back with Beyfortus payment data, some imms admin news, and more.  But before all that, let's talk about negotiating with insurance companies.

At this year's AAP NCE, I had the pleasure and honor of being part of an amazing talk about the process and strategies of negotiating with insurance companies.  I shared the stage with Paul Vanchiere, Susanne Morgana Brennan, and Kim Brennan where we each presented different perspectives on how to approach this scary topic.  SOAPM has been doing an amazing job of coordinating their Section H talks at the NCE the last few years.

The presentation wasn't recorded (sad face) but I am able to share the slide deck which is quite self-explanatory.  If all goes well, I hope to get the band back together at our Users' Conference and record it for everyone.  In the meantime, I have had so many requests for this slide deck, I thought it'd just be easier to post it here for everyone.  Thank you to the AAP and SOAPM for making it easy.