"Practice" Sessions at the AAP NCE

If you are like me, you find the AAP's NCE event overwhelming.  Too many people to see, too many sessions to attend, etc.  A big problem I have is overcoming my ADHD long enough to go through the catalog of events to find the things I should be doing...
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COCIT and the AAP Need Your Meaningful Use Help

At our UC and Practice Management and Coding event last week. we had the distinct pleasure of a presentation from Dr. Christoph Lehmann, the new Medical Director of the AAP Child Health Informatics Center.  Afterwards, we chatted and we agreed how us...
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New Patient Benchmarks

One of my little birdies mentioned discussions on the SOAPM mailing list about new patient benchmarks - what kind of visit volume should be focused on new visits?
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Meaningful Use, HHS, AAP, You Name It!

After today's post, I am going to return with some really cool benchmark data (the sort of topic I prefer), but the news about EHRs is coming fast and furiously. My apologies for the length of the post.
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being invited back to the EntreMD podcast with Dr. Una.  Apparently, our last podcast was her most popular podcast in all of 2020!
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