The State of Pediatric Concierge Medicine

The Fall SOAPM newsletter has been out for a bit and yours truly did a piece on concierge medicine.  I have a fun follow-up  to it, too!  Make sure you join SOAPM - it’s only $30/year - to get the...

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Vaccine Waivers Galore

My apologies for the recent hiatus.  In the year and a half I’ve been blogging, I haven’t gone more than 3-4 days between posts, I think, except for the last week.  Even during vacation.  It’s just...

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September 19, 2008 / 0 Comments / in immunizations, Uncategorized, aap / by Chip Hart

Sorry about those all-caps, I just pasted that from a press release.  I’m at home watching the Little Rascals with the boys who are enjoying it more than I expected. The rascals are no Abbott and...

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AAP's 2009 RBRVS Response

Thanks to my new bf at the AAP (to whom I am significantly indebted), here is a copy of the AAP's response to the proposed RVU changes for 2009. I wrote about this a few weeks ago and would like to...

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Fear and Loathing in Idaho

Blue sky? Check.

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Quick Users' Conference Update

The blog is going to be thin this week because I'm dawn to dusk at the Users' Conference. Today is our official Practice Management Conference and I still have to get my "keynote" speech together...

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Pediatric RBRVS Danger - Get The Word Out (CMS knocks Imms Admin)

Get your letter writing implements out, spread the word, tell everyone you know.

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Questions and Answers from April Pediatric Practice Management and Coding Conference

Long overdue, but I did try to get them right. Thanks go out to Donelle Holle as well as Igor and Q who helped check them out before posting.

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More 99339 and 99340 Data

As promised, here's a glimpse into the Care Plan Oversight usage among PCC clients from 2006 through April 2008.

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Fall 2008 Pediatric Coding and Practice Management Conference

Whew, we have finally gotten our ducks in a row and announce our Fall Pediatric Coding and PM conference in Columbus, OH on September 17. It's the usual deal: AAP endorsed and AAP members get in...

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