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2011 Immunization Product Table

Updated 05/07/12

With the help of extra sets of eyes at the Verden Group and the extra-smart people at the AAP, I present to you three versions of the 2011 Immunization Product Table (someone give me a better name).

This differs from previous versions I've done in a couple ways:

  • Well, duh, it's updated for 2011.
  • It contains CVX and MVX codes for those scoring at home.
  • It has an Oral and Intranasal binary value.
  • It has both detailed and brief descriptions of the vaccines.
  • And, the real inspiration for this new table, it counts components/antigens for coding purposes.

I also made the executive decision to remove nearly all of the formatting so that folks find it a little easier to edit, manipulate, or otherwise incorporate into their systems.  I find that if I do something like "alternate line coloring" for easier reading, it all falls apart when someone deletes a couple rows to make a shorter list.  If anyone is interested, I can make it pretty.

Input, requests welcomed.


2011 Immunization Product Table for OpenOffice.

2011 Immunization Product Table for Excel.

2011 Immunization Product Table for Adobe PDF (kinda' gross because of the amount of info, let me know if you need a better layout)

Some additional links that are useful for this purpose: 

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