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After Hours Codes Update (99050, 99051, 99058)

In days of yore, I wrote about the pediatric usage of the 9905X CPT codes, often known as the “after hours” codes.  In fact, I think my explanation here about how they should be used is still good (corrections, suggestions welcomed).  Just before the holiday break, a request for updated data came through SOAPM – …


99051 Real Life Example

A faithful reader sent the following to me and allowed me to post it, as I think the information is valuable to you all.  I have a lot to say about it at the end. Chip, I would like to share our preliminary results for CPT 99051. After reading your post about this code, we …


More 99050, 99051, 99053, 99058 Madness

As promised, I will show you the money. Click on the picture below (or here) for a better view of the average reimbursement for these scheduling based codes. What we see are fairly consistent reimbursement for the codes with the variation being explained by the additional payers being added on all the time (look at …


Pediatric CPT Data, 2015

I have so much data and information to share, I’ve been overwhelmed and, as a result, haven’t shared anything.  This is my effort to kick myself in gear. One thing I want to talk about is RVUs.  But to do a proper RVU analysis, I need to start with CPT usage. What are the most …


Contest Ending / Medicaid Poll / Data Coming

First order of business: more resolutions. From a practice manager in NJ who shall go nameless, lest his staff read this blog: We are taking over my wife’s practice and I have been overseeing the staff now for a month. The “back office” (billing) and the “front office” just don’t get along. My Resolution is …


Payer Shenanigans and HITECH Loophole

This is a long one, but worth reading.  The names have been changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty. The story begins with a clever pediatric practice who decides that since Insurance Company A (we’ll call them Cygnus to keep it short) does not want to pay for the 99051 code, it will …


Extended Office Hours

I have written here extensively about the various “scheduling based codes” and their usage – or lack of usage – among pediatricians, but have made the mistaken assumption that most of you reading here actually have extended office hours. It is this pediatric practice management consultant’s position that if you are not offerring office hours …


Welcome 2009 (A Look Back)

I’ve taken the last week or so off and, technically, I am still off asI sit at home in the kitchen to help keep the new puppy company. I havesome long overdue content to get out, but I’ll toss up these gems fornow. First, here’s a great link on NPR featuring Dr. Lander! The media …


Most Common Pediatric Codes

I am doing some research into the most common pediatric codes in order to set up a spread/worksheet for use during an insurane negotiation.  Lots of “consultants” routinely make the mistake of suggesting that you look at your top 10 or, more daringly, top 20 or 30 codes when comparing reimbursement between two plans. That’s …