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When A Broken Furnace Leads To A Sore Neck

November 18, 2008 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized, verden group / by Chip Hart

So, the furnace broke some time last night, just in time for our
first real snow.  As I waited at home for the repair guy to arrive (his
truck broke down on the way), I’ve had to be on the phone with my neck
scrunched for the last hour.  Which means no great updates to the blog
when I have some pretty awesome stuff to share.  So, I’ll just play catch up and then we’ll get back to RVUs for a bit, immunization purchasing organizations, etc.

Things I want to share with the world in the meantime:

I have a PILE of RVU-related data to share, including the BIG ITEM
(what is the real effect on the 2009 RVUs on pediatricians), so I’ll
have to get up at dawn to do it.  Sorry for the delay.

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