Vaccine Waivers Galore

My apologies for the recent hiatus.  In the year and a half I’ve been blogging, I haven’t gone more than 3-4 days between posts, I think, except for the last week.  Even during vacation.  It’s just been a super busy week.  We’re Shipping Out To Boston today (have to go pick up the van) and spent most of the week responding to an RFP for a big group down in Alabama. We haven’t seen an RFP in a long time.  Responding to them is a real drag, but also a good exercise from time to time.

The danger of not blogging is that I get backed up.   I must have 6-8 posts coming, so I’ll try to slip some extra content into my “Live From the AAP” posts over the next few days.

Today, I am going to provide some quick Vaccine Waiver samples.  I had three different folks ask me for “Vaccine Waiver” forms, but the requessts were actually for two different things: one waiver for “I’m refusing a shot!” and another for “You’re paying out of pocket for this shot!”  Naturally, I asked our clients on PartnerTalk and, because they are awesome, I received about 8 different forms via fax and email.  I culled out a few effectively identical forms and here we are.

Vaccine Waiver #1: Vaccine Refusal

No need to reinvent the wheel, here, as the AAP has put together a comprehensive form.  You know if the AAP published it, two dozen lawyers and bio-ethicists took a look at it.

Vaccine Waiver #2: We’re Not Going To Take It

Here are four samples of waivers our clients use to protect themselves from insurance payments that are below their acquisition costs.  I removed most of the identifying data, just to be safe, but it’s not like there’s any secret here.  Thank you to my clients who sent those along, I really appreciate it.

Don’t forget to stop by our booth (700-something) if you’re in Boston!