Vaccine Refusal Dismissal Letters

Over on one of the coding lists, someone asked for a copy of a "a sample discharge letter for non-compliant families who refuse to vaccinate?" and I could have sworn I had a few handy.  And I didn't.  A quick appeal to PedTalk got me a pair of items quickly.  My thanks to Drs. Barden and Mirkin for the links.

First, here is an excerpt from the Vaccine Refusal Packet from Coastal Children's Clinic.  Awesome work.  It's as if Dr. Barden and his crew have been to one of my Patient Education talks (and he hasn't).  Great work.

Dr. Mirkin (of MDs4Kids and Allied Peds) has posted his Vaccine Policy for the world to see.


I told myself I'd never read or listen to another Robin Cook book again - I find the writing absurd - but I am almost through 'Crisis' on my iTouch. Fundamental to the plot is the concept of 'concierge medicine.'  Just as I was thinking, "He's having the debate about concierge," one of the characters literally said, "It's as if concierge medicine is on trial!"  Har.