Tricare Update

The other day, I wrote about a problem relating to Tricare’s reimbursement of immunizations.  Apparently, this is an excerpt from the AAP’s Private Payer Advocacy press release or newsletter:

AAP meets with TRICARE AAP President David T. Tayloe, Jr. MD. FAAP, met with Major General Elder Granger, Deputy Director and Program Executive Officer of TRICARE. Although it was the first such meeting between the AAP and TRICARE at this level, several issues were discussed including: TRICARE payment rates, immunization payment, preventive services, autism and claims and clinical databases. After being informed of low payment rates in TRICARE, Major General Granger stated that he would look further into the payment concerns and expressed support that TRICARE pay fairly for vaccine products. He also encouraged Academy members to negotiate for better rates with the appropriate managed care contractors. The AAP is following up with Major General Granger to provide additional information on vaccine pricing.

I’m sorry that I can’t provide a direct link, as I can’t find the PPAC newsletter on-line.  If anyone from PPAC is reading this and would like me to post  more/different data, just send it to me.

Still, the above looks like a good start.  Tricare has been, frankly, screwing pediatricians for as long as I have been in this business.  Time to fix it. This is the sort of thing that a real practicing pediatrician, like Dr. Tayloe, does for pediatricians and I’m glad.