Top 100 EHRs According to Medical Economics

Let's get the link out of the way first: Medical Economics unveils its exclusive list of the Top 100 electronic health record (EHR) systems.

It's an interesting list and we, to my pleasant surprise, are on it (while many of the Usual Suspects we compete against are not).  Why am I surprised?  Because being pediatric specific and being 1/100th the size of the big fish doesn't attract us much attention.  And we like it that way, frankly.  But there we are on the list - note that no one is ranked, except in terms of overall size.

The list itself isn't too exciting - once you spot your vendor (if they are there) and see their annual revenue, it's just a shrug.  But the articles linked from the front page of this new piece - such as "Strategies for Picking an EHR Vendor" or "5 Ways To Monitor The Financial Health of Your Vendor" - are pretty solid.

Meanwhile, I want to see you in St. Louis in two weeks.  C'mon!