TN AAP, Stimulus Blogs, Jim Carrey, you name it . . .

There must be a stack of 10 data-related posts sitting in my in-box, but you get this cleanup announcement while I run off to coach farm league:

  •  It turns out that I will be the keynote speaker for the TN AAP chapter meeting on June 19 in Nashville, TN.  Thanks, Michelle!  The titles of my talks will look something like "Chronic Disease Management For Fun And Profit", "Patient Education That Pays", and "Effective Patient Recall Strategies".  I really like these talks, they are a lot of fun.  Come say hello.
  •  Our 2009 Pediatric Practice Management and Coding event in July at Disney is starting to draw some attendees at a good clip.  Get signed up!  There is no better pediatric practice management seminar anywhere in the nation.  Period.
  •  I've written about the autism "debate" here, but I stopped because it attracted the wrong types of readers and I don't have time to fight off the anti-science hordes when there are other folks doing it better (like Discover magazine, League of Ordinary Gentlemen, etc.).
  •  I continue to enjoy the running blog from SRSsoft.  The two latest (here and here) do nothing to dissuade me from the perspective that the Obama stimulus plan is nothing more than a subsidy for the big software vendors.  SRS is actually at the hearings and raising a hand - keep it up!