The Certified Pediatric Office Executive Program (CPOE) Is Open!

It's official.  Paul Vanchiere and the Pediatric Management Institute have opened the Certified Pediatric Office Executive Program (CPOE) for business.  While those of us in the pediatric consulting space have all been talking about doing something like this forever, Paul actually went and did it.


The initial roll out includes 20 "core courses" that teach the fundamentals of running a pediatric practice. Yours truly may have contributed a few.  If you want to pass the certification, you have quizzes, a final essay, and a Capstone project to submit.  One thing I like most is that the program will continue to have topics added monthly and those who want to maintain certification need to stay current with the topics.  Actually, let me just cut and paste the details:

  • Learn from industry experts from 20 core courses the information you need to know to run a Pediatric practice from the comfort of your own home via an industry-leading online learning platform (Dedicated iPhone and Droid app will be provided)

  • Complete the CPOE learning requirements:

    1. Complete the assessment quiz after viewing each course​ video

    2. Complete the final exam after you successfully pass the initial 20 courses

    3. Submit an essay designed to articulate your mastery of the materials presented

    4. Complete your "Capstone Project" designed to share with fellow members how you successfully applied the knowledge learned to improve your practice

    5. One-on-one interview via online conference with select faculty to discuss the knowledge gained

  • Each month PMI will post a new course for CPOE registrants to provide continuous learning.  The completion of six monthly courses per year is required to maintain certification.

  • Engage with colleagues around the country via the member-only discussion board

  • Receive exclusive discounts from PMI for future events and services

Check out the initial course listing:

  1. Budgeting For Pediatric Practices

  2. Corporate Structures

  3. Effective Interviews To Find The Right People

  4. Effectively Marketing For Your Pediatric Practice

  5. Equipment Lease Versus Purchase

  6. Financial Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) In Pediatrics

  7. How To Determine The Value Of A Medical Practice

  8. How To Easily and Accurately Set Your Prices Using RBRVS

  9. Physician Compensation Models

  10. Physician Employment Options

  11. Practice Financing: Lines Of Credit & Loans

  12. Process Improvement In Your Practice

  13. RBRVS- What It Is And How It Affects Practices

  14. Reading Financial Statements

  15. Reducing No-Show's In Pediatric Practices

  16. SWOT Analysis For Pediatric Practices

  17. The Business Of Immunization

  18. True Cost Of Billing Department And Outsourcing

  19. Using PCMH Components To Increase Efficiency & Productivity

  20. Value-Based Contracts For Pediatric Practices

Why am I excited about this?  It's selfish, really - if every practice I work with had these topics under its belt, my job would be a lot easier.  I won't mind if I never have to give an RVU talk again because people now understand the concept.  Or to have to explain a budget or what a partnership is.  

Go check it out and, if it makes sense, sign up.  Although I think most pediatricians could benefit from this content, perhaps it is your practice manager whom you need to sign up.