The Art and Business of Pediatrics

We had a knock-out AAP-endorsed practice management event in Miami two weeks ago.  I say "knock  out" because every single person who completed the survey at the end of the day gave us a perfect score in the following categories "Speakers's Knowledge of the Subject," "Preparation/Presentation," "Class Materials," and "How Would You Rate The Seminar Overall."  4 out of 4, every single box, every single person.

Some of you were there, so tell me if I missed your survey :-)  The only non-perfect score we received was for "Time Spent Covering Information" where one person gave us a 3, leading to an average of 3.96.  I agree - we should have gone longer!

Of course, I enjoy the comments more than the numbers, as they tell me more about what needs work.  My favorite quote of all:

Absolutely incredible learning experience. You can't help but to increase profit after meeting.

I love that second sentence!

So, I write today to tell you that we'll be in Richmond, VA on Mar 5-6.  The wonderful folks at Pediatric Alliance (combo IPA and GPO) have put together a 2-day event.   You can read our piece about it, download their PDF, or sign up ASAP, as seating is limited.

I hope to see you there.

After all, you "can't help but to increase profit after meeting."