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The AMA's "Cure For Claims" (Wow!)

I don't know how I missed this announcement (thanks, Bob @ PhysAll), but the AMA has embarked on an advocacy campaign specifically targeting the baloney that goes on during the insurance claim submission process. Now this is the kind of work I want to see the AMA doing (instead of restricting the rights of its members and public to use CPT codes and RVUs).

First, check out the home site here. People who like to skip the instruction manual and jump right in, should read the amazing payor report card! I have only two gripes (limited list of payors, small sample size), but their chosen metrics really look great. Did you know that in the 134K payments from UHC analyzed in Feb/Mar in this report, UHC only allowed the proper amount...61.55% of the time? Amazing data.

The AMA also includes an appeal toolkit and pretty good "interactive document" (my favorite part) designed to help you appeal your claims. Though I'm not usually the AMA's biggest fan, this is an excellent start. Good work by them. Between this report card and the one from the Verden Group, you should have plenty of fun at your next insurance sit-down.

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