Vaccine Refusal Policy Survey

I am trying to get an understanding of the relative percentage of pediatric practices who have vaccination requirements for their patients. I don't know for certain how common it really is - my gut feeling is that far more practices try to limit thei...
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Buying A New Vaccine Fridge

I recently mentioned the awesome vaccine management productions put on by the AAP (via SOAPM) and I hope everyone here had a chance to participate in the seminar. If you didn't, here are the awesome handouts!
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Are You A SOAPM member?

I can't imagine how anyone with interest in this blog wouldn't also be a SOAPM member. But perhaps someone out there is missing out. SOAPM is, by far, the best source of pediatric practice management information on a national scale. Here's a great re...
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Adult Immunization Logic Committee Work

Have you ever had one of those anxiety dreams where it's the end of the semester and finals are tomorrow and you haven't been studying or even going to class? For me, it's usually calculus or French. Now, it's vaccine logic.
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Universal State Vaccine Administration

I am guilty of blog neglect. The busier I am, the more I have for the blog, but the less time I have to do it. Here's an interesting one that I've saved for a few weeks - an analysis of the immunization administration fees paid in Universal vs. non-U...
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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I had a great time speaking to Drs. Bravo and Rogu on their growing podcast, The Pediatric Lounge, to discuss the state of independent pediatricians and the use of data in a pediatric practice. They are cranking out episodes (which is a good thing) and anyone who supports independent pediatricians should tune in to their effort. What they are doing takes a tremendous amount of work and their guest list is amazing (well, besides me). They turned our conversation into back-to-back episodes (32 and 33), "Independent Pediatric Practice 2022" and "Data Data Data and Managing a Pediatric Office." If you prefer video, you catch up on their YouTube channel.
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