Are You A SOAPM member?

I can't imagine how anyone with interest in this blog wouldn't also be a SOAPM member.   But perhaps someone out there is missing out.  SOAPM is, by far, the best source of pediatric practice management information on a national scale.  Here's a great reason to join:

The American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) and Pediatric Practice Managers Alliance (PPMA) hold free practice management webinars for their members and recently held a two-part webinar series on Vaccine Storage and Handling. The links to the recordings are listed below. If your physicians are interested in joining SOAPM or your practice manager is interested in joining PPMA, for even more access to great information on topics critical for pediatric practice, contact Jose Lopez, Manager, Practice Management at, or visit or
Part One (Equipment)
Part Two (Storage & Handling)

This is a free teaser for anyone out there who is still not a SOAPM member.  $30!  So cheap, so good!  Become a member today!  The topic above - vaccine storage - is gigantic in our business, yet so little of it is done well.  I think that this work, largely spearheaded by Dr. Barden, is among the most valuable content to come out of the AAP this year.

Meanwhile, I did post a new PPMMC podcast and video - we focus on some interesting social media and Internet resources for pediatricians.  I was just told that it is " of the best of your podcasts so far..."  I hope you find it helpful.