The Recession and Pediatrics, Part II

Igor and I have continued to follow up on the recession and its impact on our pediatric clients and have discovered some interesting results.  We published a formal interview with the two of us here, the teaser follows:
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Pediatric A/R Data

n a day or so, I'm going to do an interesting followup on our examination of the impact of the economy on pediatric practices, so something related to tide you over
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The Recession and Pediatrics

Igor and I have been doing some behind-the-curtain work to examine the impact of the recession on our clients.  So far, the news is generally positive for PCC customers, but there are some signs on the horizon - or on the front page of your newspaper...
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When A Broken Furnace Leads To A Sore Neck

So, the furnace broke some time last night, just in time for our first real snow.  As I waited at home for the repair guy to arrive (his truck broke down on the way), I’ve had to be on the phone with my neck scrunched for the last hour.  Which means ...
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being invited back to the EntreMD podcast with Dr. Una.  Apparently, our last podcast was her most popular podcast in all of 2020!
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