2008 Pediatric Productivity Data

Wow, I've got some awesome data today.  So awesome, it even trumps a series of important pediatric RVU and H1N1 announcements (care of the helpful people at the AAP) and Jill Stoller's NBC debut.

What would trump that kind of information?

Igor and I (note how I take credit) have gone through all of the visits performed by PCC clients from 2003 through 2008 to help with some of our practice consulting, customer dashboards, etc.  It's a couple billion dollars' worth, so a decent sample size. We've deliberately narrowed it down to pediatricians who have charged at least $300,000 in a year to try to examine the full-full-time providers.  What did I learn?

    •  Immunizations alone accounted for 21% of the charges posted by our clients in 2008. This is up from 15% or so in 2005.  Interestingly, vaccines themselves made up approximately 24% of the total revenue, so it would appear that PCC clients collect ~3% more for their vaccines than they charge, on average.  Not anywhere close to the 17-28% the AAP suggests we need to cover real expenses, but at least it's close to invoice break-even.  In fact, depending on how tightly our clients price their vaccines to their costs, this looks pretty good.
    • PCC's providers averaged $816K in charges and $493K in revenue if we include immunizations for a collection rate of 61%.  If we exclude immunizations, we're looking at $671K and $396K.  The nerds among you will say, "Wait, that's a 59% collection rate, I thought your imms had a 3% margin!"  Rounding errors, OK?  But it means that each pediatrician carries an average of $100K in imms revenue and product every year - crazy!
    • The average PCC provider produced 4107 office visits and 10,242 RVUs in 2008. This value has risen steadily from the ~2.0/vis we were seeing in 2003.  Awesome.  Worth of a chart (see below).

Depending on whose benchmark you use (ours or the MGMAs), the average PCC clients makes between $153 and $172K based on non-immunizations collections.  Sure, we have folks making 5-8x that amount, and plenty who don't make nearly that.  There's a $66K stddev.

  • More nerds will say...wait, we have dollars collected and RVUs performed.  Yup, PCC clients averaged approximately 108% of Medicare with their collections in 2008.  Pathetic, especially when you consider we've got the best of the best.

OK, that's a start...there's plenty more in here. I even made a cool chart, click on it to zoom in!