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Swine Flu Help

April 27, 2009 / 0 Comments / in aap / by Chip Hart

An important message from the AAP:

The Section on Telehealth Care (SOTC) distributes this special edition of Telephone Lines, our nurse triage educational newsletter, to assist practices in dealing with the Swine Flu situation.  It is our hope that this information will allow office-based and medical call center nurses to provide consistent information to patients.  Updates will be distributed if professional recommendations change.  This is just one example of the timely and useful resources from the SOTC.  If you are not yet a member of SOTC, please consider joining. Membership information can be found at http://www.aap.org/sections/telecare/membership.htm.

What's so special?  How about a good piece entitled, "Swine Flu for Telephone Triage Nurses"?  Enjoy, thanks to the AAP, SOTC, and Lynn Cramer.

Update: this CDC link comes from Dr. Bowman. A good addition.

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