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Social Media Policy for Medical Practices

The PCC Users' Conference is official for 2010.  Go ahead, sign up...I just really looked at the course schedule myself for the first time and it's amazing.  There will be some speakers from the AAP itself in addition to the typical cornucopia of amazing pediatric practice management knowledge. [I hope to announce a SOAPM-related surprise, as well.]

One of the classes I am teaching is entitled "Your Practice and the Internet, Things You May Not Know!" (look at Friday afternoon).  A key part of this class - which will focus on the dangers and benefits of social media - will feature some sample Social Media Policies to consider for your practice.

You have, after all, googled yourself, right?

So, because it's better when other, smarter people do the heavy lifting, I somehow convinced The Verden Group to share a draft of sample documents that you - yes you! - can use in your own practice.  Let's thank the generous geniuses at Verden (Susanne and Jason.  And me, of course, for giving you this teaser content before coming to the conference :-)  OK, my part wasn't so crucial.

Enjoy.  Click on the links below.  And...thanks, Verden!


I don't know what I was thinking: I forgot to mention the event for which I actually created this talk: The Pediatric Gurus event at Skytop, arguably my favorite non-PCC event of the year.  Go check it out.


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