Shame on Horizon BCBS of NJ

It started when Susanne Madden sent me this "nice" message from Horizon to help me warn our clients about games Horizon continues to play.  Bottom line: they expect to stop paying for -25 or -59 modified codes starting May 10, 2010.

Two minutes of email exchange led the helpful Dr. Stoller to send me this announcement from MSNJ.   Good work.

I would love to have been in the room when the folks at Horizon decided to break the rules of their settlement.  "I wonder if any of the docs will react?  Let's try this!"

More importantly, though: there shouldn't need to be a class action lawsuit to keep these bozos from flouting the CPT rules.  This is bad medicine and it makes the doctors and patients pay the price.  Shame on you, Horizon.