RVU Update #7, Good

All the RVU drama makes it hard for me to get to other things, but here is the latest from my generous and favorite inside source (instead of using an inappropriate 70s adult film nickname, we'll use "Siouxsie"):

1) The new CF for 1/1/08 through 6/30/08 will be $38.0870 [= 0.5% increase from the current CF of $37.8975; what happens after that point is anyone's guess] 2) The work GPCI floor (1.000) will be maintained through 6/30/08 [again, what happens after that point is unknown] 3) The bill did NOT include provisions to "alter or supplant the role" of the RUC

Attached with this cogent explanation was a memo straight from Michael Maves, the E-VP and CEO of the AMA. Now, let's all be tense for six months. Ready? Go! [I can actually update the RVU calculators, now.] Wow, Siouxsie kicks butt and sends me this important AMA Memo about the changes 2 minutes after I post this.