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RVU 2008 Update

December 19, 2007 / 0 Comments / in rvu / by Chip Hart

First, I have to be clear: my knowledge of the arcane RBRVS system, the RUC committees, CMS, etc., is all driven by my work for pediatricians. Thus, I have a very skewed view of how it works. Almost all of the changes to the CMS budget affect my clients indirectly and I have very little understanding of the big picture/politics of it all. Often, when I read through the RVU content, I gloss over big sections of important-looking information because it doesn't seem to apply to pediatrics. I don't know why I'm offering this caveat today, perhaps it's the GI bug I picked up from my kids speaking.

Anyway, the interesting news.

  • There is language on the table to remove the scheduled 10.1% reduction and replace it with a .5% increase. However, there may be a related relationship to an expansion of the physician quality reporting system. No idea yet.
  • There will be an extension of the 1.0 floor to the work geographic adjustment (the effects of the loss of which were heroically outlined par moi).
  • Both of these changes last only until June, 2008, at which point the original proposals will be enacted. I think. We don't know, yet.

You can seem some other reactions to this news in obvious places, such as the WSJ. One thing I find interesting is that it looks like the language to make the changes above may be knowingly vetoed by GWB, but there are enough votes to override the veto. [This is a good example of what I talked about above.]

As the world turns!

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