Returning To Life

It has been a while, but I've not been sitting on my thumbs.  Who has?  

My usual week of a zoom webinar or presentation or three went into overdrive 2 weeks ago with the PCC Users' Conference.  Go ahead, click on the link and check out the content - why?  Because we hope to make a bunch of the content free for the community soon.  

Although the UC was virtual (let's hope for the last time), we're now seeing the calendar open up and it's...fabulous.

First, there's the Women In Pediatrics Retreat (September 9-12 in Fairhope,AL).  It's small, personal, and looks so unlike the typical pediatric events I've attended over the last 30 years, reflecting the revolutionary demographic change in pediatrics.  Dr. Katrina Skinner does an amazing job planning these events, like last year's inaugural conference.  I'll be participating as one of the consultants with whom you can book direct, one-on-one time to discuss your practice while attending workshops to discuss yourself.  I know the event is deliberately small and Dr. Skinner told me that they are close to filling - think about registering ASAP.  This event is an amazing antidote to the last 12+ months.

Actually, the week before that is the annual Florida Chapter meeting, this year at Disney's Yacht Club Resort.  Holy cow, look at the lineup!  I guess I'll be driving from FL to Alabama that week - anyone want to carpool?  It looks like our friends at WiP will be sponsoring a lunchtime topic for pediatricians starting new practices. #FPP2021

Then, there's the AAP NCE.  I've got two presentations scheduled (tentatively entitled by them, "Practice-Improving Tricks You Can Do Right Now!" and "60-Minute Financial Analysis of Your Practice--Where Am I Losing Money?" which needs to be changed to "45 Minutes" because that's how long I am getting).  Although the presentations are virtual and the conference floor looks small, at least some of the conference is in-person.  

Last, and perhaps most, we then have PMI 2022 in January.  We all know that PMI is the public pediatric practice management event - not just for the great content, but for social and professional opportunity.  Paul is essentially sold out, I believe, and will be expanding his virtual options for those who haven't registered yet.  But for those who have signed up, check out these two options:

    • WiP x PMI Pre-Con: The Power of Story Telling.  Dr. Skinner is at at again with a PMI pre-conference event focused on branding yourself and having a better media presence.  I always shake my head at her foresight.  I tossed the flyer down below.

    • PMI After-Party. 2020's PMI Silent Disco was by far the biggest / best / most memorable pediatric social event I can remember (and I've been to more SOAPM parties than anyone...).  The geniuses behind the first event (Dr. Skinner and Dr. Katie Schafer) are at it again.

I hope to see some of you there!