Recorded Before a Live Audience

As though I haven't spent enough time away from home so far this year, I will be on the road giving what I think are some particularly fun and educational talks.  If you are nearby, you have no excuse to not let me know.  Sign up for the event or let me know if you are free.  I have many long-time friends, virtual and otherwise, who are within walking distance of both!

The first place and time will be Tulsa, OK in late April (the 25th, for me, to be exact).  You can download the brochure and the registration PDFs or visit the OK AAP site.  My topics include Effective Patient Recall Strategies, Chronic Disease Management For Fun and Profit, and Patient Education That Pays.  They are updated versions of classes I've only given once or twice (our Users' Conference) and I really like them. I'll also have a chance to catch up with a few clients whom I haven't seen in a while.  I wonder if Tulsa has changed since I've been there?

Update: due to an unforseen conflict, I will not be officially speaking at the OK AAP event, but attending as a vendor.  I am looking into providing the content I have prepared outside the scope of the event itself!  Let me know if you're going to be there!


I then have one of my favorite events, the Pediatric Practice Management section of the Pediatric Gurus event (May 29-31, Skytop, PA) produced by the Goryeb Children's Hospital of Atlantic Health.  I bring my family and, while I chat away to the unfortunate physicians and staff, my kids and wife are off playing shuffleboard or doing archery at the Skytop Resort.  There, too, I hope to meet a few clients and friends while we eat well. If you are in northern NJ/PA, why would you not go?

According to the schedule, I am also doing Preventive Care For Fun and Profit (which is suspiciously similar to the Chronic Disease course I'm doing in Tulsa), How To Choose an EHR, and Successful Patient Recall Strategies (see above). Use this PDF to sign up and see me there!

Honestly, I think even my little classes are so good - not to mention the dozens of better ones surrounding them - that I'll consider refunding your $$ myself if you don't get a more-than-positive ROI. Think about that.