Quick Users' Conference Update

The blog is going to be thin this week because I'm dawn to dusk at the Users' Conference. Today is our official Practice Management Conference and I still have to get my "keynote" speech together within the hour! Time to get out of my bathrobe.

It has been a pleasure seeing all the familiar faces, many of whom have posted here. One insight that I am brooding on is the growing focus on Medical Home/Chronic Disease Management/etc. I think there is a opportunity for a consultant to help practices develop effective Chronic Disease Management plans and connect them to the money in a way that benefits practices and the patients. Of course, the practices can do this themselves and it would be great if the AAP could map out a few examples (we did a good obesity/BMI one in class yesterday).

I also heard from an old friend yesterday who happens to be nominated for AAP President. I really like her ideas related to improving the media-savvy of the AAP, a concept that is loooong overdue. Anyway, check out Dr. Kraft's WWW site and consider voting for her! I am a strong proponent of having real, practicing pediatricians in key positions like this and it's nice to see we might have a chance to extend that streak.