Preventive Care is the Most Important Work Pediatricians Do (Free Webinar)

As you transition your practice from preventive visits to acute care during this time of year, it's important to remember that preventive visits continue to be vitally important to the financial health of your practice. Why?

  • Preventive care pays well.
  • Preventive care fills your schedule.
  • Preventive care expands your value to the patient family.

..and a lot more.  A lot more.

You're invited to join me on Thursday, September 27th at 2pm (ET) to learn more.

In this first of two webinars, I will underscore the importance of making preventive care a priority for patients and families by sharing hard data, practice management philosophies, and concrete steps that will help you run a smarter pediatric practice. 

Even if you feel successful in your preventive care workflows, I've got something to share you haven't seen before...or your money back! :-)