PMI Telemedicine Survey

Yes, Paul and I will be back on Thursday - I'm working on some interesting data analysis now.  We also have some interesting and insightful guests (Verden and PedsOne), so tune in.

One topic that we might discuss are the results from the PMI Telemedicine Survey - a dozen fast questions about your use of telemedicine, your telemedicine vendor, etc.  No one really knows what the pediatric telemedicine landscape looks like and with about 60 seconds of your time, you can help us find out.  

Yes, the results will be shared (you know how I work).

No, none of the individual results will be shared with telemedicine vendors.  No funny business.  We just want to know what's out there and what people think.

If you're a pediatrician and you're doing telemedicine, tell us how and what you think of it.