Physician's Practice Surveys

Every year, Physician's Practice magazine runs a series of surveys focusing on certain practice management issues - I've referenced their income report more than once - and they are running two more right now:

I strongly encourage folks to take the 5 minutes required to complete each survey - you have a chance to win $500 and, more importantly, it's an opportunity to feed a public source of well-needed information. The Fee Schedule survey (which is slightly mis-named, as it also focuses on reimbursement) is particularly important, imo. Sure, PCC customers can get this information with amazing accuracy and detail - for themselves and other PCC clients - but that's the's only for themselves and other PCC clients. Even though our sample size is a lot bigger, it's a biased sample.

Physician's Practice is the only real open source for this information beyond PCC customers.

I have noted that PCC continues to track a consistent reimbursement increase among our customers while PP notes a downward trend. I'd love to understand what the reality is - are our customers actually that much better off?

Head over, fill out the data!