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Perfect Pediatric Concierge Practice Example

Over on one of the MGMA mailing lists (whose content and quality seem to diminish over time), the ED of an interesting organization - True North: Maine's Center for Functional Medicine and the Healing Arts - posted a message about their cash-only business. I poked around and found this segment in their pediatric section:

Best First Year of Life
This package approach to Kathryn’s services allows a family to purchase a year of care in one lump sum or in quarterly payments. The package includes: a prenatal consultation, up to 2 hospital visits for normal newborn care, well-child visits at 1 week, and at 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months, one hour of phone consultation time, one, 30-minute behavioral or parenting consultation, two acute visits and a one hour pediatric class.

...that's exactly what I've described offices should do in the face of the HSA programs (only Lynn Cramer @ Eden Park Pediatrics seems to have investigated the possibilities). I'm excited to see someone actually do it!

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