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Pediatric Practice Vitals Dashboard Coming

December 17, 2007 / 0 Comments / in coding, rvu, benchmarks / by Chip Hart

We've been working on it for a long time (toooo long), but we are just about to officially release our Practice Vitals Dashboard service to PCC customers.

"Dashboard?" you ask. "What's a dashboard?"

You'll know them as soon as you see them. In fact, here's a quick sample of a piece of one:

This is a quick snapshot of just the initial graphical display of one of six benchmarks we hope to display to them at first (Revenue-per-Visit, E&M Distribution, RVU-Per-Visit, Pricing, Sick-to-Well ratio, A/R Days). The example above shows that the E&M distribution for this sample customer is 18.7%, putting them at the lower end of the "Good" scale.

Each of the benchmarks, like the one above, is "clickable" for more detail. Thus, you could log into pcc.com using your special login and would be immediately presented with your most important management measurements, complete with detailed explanations of the benchmarks, comparisons to other pediatricians around the country and in your region, and an historical view. It's really cool to click on a PCC customer and watch their Revenue/Visit rise every year. Actually, here's what it looks like!

Pretty cool, eh?

I mention all this for a couple reasons:

  • We are going to make some very simplified versions of these benchmarks public as part of our new pediatric resources WWW site (more about that later). You won't be able to find this information anywhere else.
  • P CC customers will have access to more than I am describing here - super cool.
  • PCC customers who are also part of our "Practice Advancement Plan" will receive the Advanced Practice Vitals Dashboard, which will include many more benchmarks as well as the ability to drill down like crazy. You want to know your RVU-Per-Visit for Doctor X in 1999? Click it!

Obviously, all of these reports are available in our system and our clients can run them at any time on their. This service exists for the majority of physicians who don't have the time or inclination, however, to do that. We think it will go over pretty well!

Any suggestions for benchmarks welcome!

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