Pediatric Practice Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Well, we got published.  

I say "we" because what got published is your story, really.  Not mine.  And I say "published" because Pediatric Annals is great and the process of contributing to this content was rewarding and enjoyable.

Executive summary: I don't even remember why/how at this point (I think it was through someone at the AAP), but I was contacted by Drs. Alkureishi and Young to share what we know about the Effects of Telemedicine on Pediatric Clinical Care During COVID-19.   We have a lot of data and I think it's more fresh and representative than what is typically published in real time.

The results we shared aren't a surprise to anyone - our market effectively went from "0%" telemedicine to a required endeavor almost overnight.  Although some of practices didn't perform a single telemedicine visit (and some went nearly completely virtual!), we're still hovering at just under 10% of all sick visits right now...which is a revolutionary change when you think about it.  But all the other drama has drowned out this news.

I'm grateful to my co-authors, who really did all of the work, and I encourage everyone here to check out the issue itself - the content is excellent (look at these titles: Making a Difference With Mental Health During Adolescence in a Global Pandemic, Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Well-Child Care and Recommendations for Remediation, and more!).  If nothing else, read this: Pediatric Practice Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic.



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