Pediatric Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

A quick search of my blog tells me that I have mentioned the concept of Group Purchasing Organizations at least five other times already. However, given that it seems like half of the practices I visit don't take advantage of them, I guess I have to be more direct.

What is the problem? What is the concern? Why are practices not using these services? You don't have to be a large group, it costs you nothing

The AAP has clued into this, too, and has a survey that I implore folks to fill out:
Don't wait for the survey, though...check them out for yourself. Here are four different pediatric-focused programs I know. Call them, ask what they can do for you. It costs you nothing and could save you thousands. If you already belong to another to see if you're getting the best deal. Some focus only on vaccines, others have a wide range of discounted products and services.

And fill out my poll to the left!

Physician's Alliance


Main Street Vaccines

Atlantic Health Partners