Pediatric Development Screening Tool

That's no typo in the title. The Commonwealth Fund has released a nifty on-line tool and manual to help pediatricians decide which developmental screening tools are appropriate. I played around with it and am impressed enough to spread the word.
To quote them:

Pediatric Developmental Screening: Understanding and Selecting Screening Instruments informs practitioners' selection and application of screening instruments in a range of practice settings. The Web-based manual, developed by the Commonwealth Fund, is based on a review of the scientific research on available developmental screening instruments. Part 1 is designed to facilitate the selection of screening instruments by helping practitioners define their practice needs. Part 2 presents guides designed to facilitate practitioners' abilities to compare developmental screening instruments with respect to clinical utility in practice settings and validity, or sensitivity and specificity, in different populations and at various ages. An interactive Web feature (flow chart) is also available to answer questions about screening needs and make instrument recommendations.