Pediatric Concierge Medicine Powow

First, I just got back from a great weekend at Skytop Lodge, where I spoke for the Goryeb Children's Hospital.  Had an excellent time, hung out with some old friends, learned a lot.  This may be the best pediatric conference to which to bring a family anywhere in the country.  Well, that and our AAP endorsed Orlando event in July.

Meanwhile, I asked the other day if anyone were interested in putting together a pediatric-focused "concierge medicine" community.  I've had a few positive reponses and no negative, so I'm going to work on it here at PCC.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, check out Dr. Hodges, who showed up here a few months back.  She's turned it up a notch! I'll have to ask her about the iPhone apps.  She might appreciate PCC's :-)