Pediatric Compensation Models

At the AAP-endorsed Pediatric Coding and Practice Management events we’ve been hosting, I’ve slipped in a running piece about pediatric compensation models that gets fairly good reception.  Practices are eager to learn about how other practices pay themselves and I always enjoy seeing the open-mouthed astonishment when one practice says, “Oh, we are completely production-based” while another says, “Oh, that’s crazy.  We split everything evenly.”  Of course, what makes the content interesting are the dozens of places in between those two extremes where most practices live.

I am doing just this seminar in teleconference format on Friday at noon.  For PCC clients, it’s free…but for the rest of you, it’s $49 and I daresay that you won’t find a better cost:benefit return on a teleconference any time soon (look around, they are usually $99 to $450).  I tell you what - if you sign up, and it wasn’t worth it, I’ll give you your money back.