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Office Online Beta

January 02, 2008 / 0 Comments / in pediatric, rvu / by Chip Hart

I've got a final RVU trick or two coming, a response to the new Physician's Practice fee schedule article, and more.  I need to get this one out of my queue, though.

Back in July, I wrote about using Opensource (or otherwise free) software in a small business office.  Given the low margin in pediatric offices, I have no idea why people continue to purchase products like Microsoft Office when less expensive, more compatible, better suited alternatives are available.  I think it's just a matter of spreading the word.

One thing I just saw - OK, it was a few weeks ago - an article in slashdot about OpenOffice being available "online" - that is, you don't have to download or install it, you just run it from your browser.

Quite cool.

To spell it out: a small practice could simply connect to this site here and have all the office software that most practices would ever, ever use...for free!

Try it.  It's not like it costs anything.

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