OK, OK, I Know I Need to Get Back To It

Yes, I took a long break.  Sorry about that.  When I don't blog, one of two things is happening - I'm either on vacation (but still blog then most of the time anyway) or I am so overwhelmed with things to discuss that I can't figure out where to start.  I don't like just throwing up lists of links without proper support or commentary.  But I need to get this backlog broken somehere, so here it goes:

  •  First, we have our chief health executive officer telling folks that pediatricians should be waiving their admin fees for swine flu. How about the radiologists and anaesthesiologists kicking in instead? I'm trying to figure out why having the least capable folks make the sacrifice is the way to go here.
  •  Evan Steele runs his most persuasive piece about the real costs of EHR. What is your time worth?  More than you think.
  •  Dave Tayloe tries to draw his line in the sand about swine flu reimbursement.
  •  The coding for swine flu admin is going to be really, really gross.
  •  Oh, hey, PCC has a new AAP-endorsed coding and practice management even.  Miami, late January. Details to follow.
  •  I am fascinated by the return on preventive care, as many of you know. This article confirms that much of the reluctance to cover, say, obesity care is related to the insurance company opinion that the problem will be someone else's to pay for in a few years.
  •  Siouxse keeps me up to date on the AAP's federal effort.
  •  Last, but not least...the new AAP president is announced today.  Cross your fingers - good luck, Anne!