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NICHQ Request

This just in from the NICHQ folks:

Finding successes and highlighting them gives hope and promotes new thinking--two major reasons that pediatricians and family physicians, nurses, public health professionals, managers, and parents attend the Annual Forum of the National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality. In my presentations at the NICHQ Forum I would like to highlight important, successful improvements (programs/activities/events/policy changes/institutional commitments) in the performance of the children's health care system or innovative ideas with great potential that have come to light over this past year...if you know of any, or have been involved in any, please tell me about them, and I will follow up with you to get more information!

Please send me an e mail (title: Top 10 Improvements) with your improvement story (or lead) at hidden@email-address. If you could let me know by February 1st, 2008, that would give me a little time to follow up and get more information.

Thanks so much!

Charlie Homer

Charles Homer, MD, MPH, CEO
National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality
20 University Road, 7th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

You can reach him at hidden@email-address

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