Medical Economics and Concierge Medicine

I've got a stack of things to post, but I want to get this one out before I wake up the kids and start a new Monday. Here is an excellent piece about concierge medicine from Medical Economics. I don't call it excellent because it supports some of my previous comments, but because it offers some real research and practical advice. In particular, the details at the end of the article regarding the types of practices who may or may not benefit from the model (etc.) is well done. I was shocked, at first, to see the pressure applied to FFS practices in Washington and West Virginia, where the inscos, through the office of the insurance commissioner!, tried to force practices to accept insurance. Insane. A good indication of what we're up against.

It also pointed me to the Society for Innovative Medical Design (Simpd), who happens to be having its annual symposium this week in Vegas. Had I known, I think I would have attended.