Massive Immunization Administration Analysis Tool Update

This has been too long coming.  Before I continue with the details, I must thank Dr. Suzanne Berman for spotting a mistake in the tool!  She pointed out one of those doozies that was so obvious, I couldn't see it.  

With no further delay, let me introduce v2.1 of the Imms Admin Analysis Tool!  The new version is cleaned up, has added COVID vaccine analysis, and appears to be error free so far :-)

  • The intent of this tool is to match the number of immunization administrations you billed to the number of vaccine products you billed.  Ideally, they should match.  Too often, they don’t.

    There are two ways to use the tool: gather your data from your computer and manually enter it into the proper tab OR use the spreadsheet tool to do it for you.  Either method provides results quickly.

    The data you need to gather is a code-level volume report.  How many 90460s did you do?  How many MMRs did you give?  To have this tool do the most work for you, arrange a spreadsheet so that the CPT codes are in the first column and the number of units are in the next.  
    You can then just drop them into the tab named YOUR DATA.  Once you put the data into place you can go the the Analysis and COVID Analysis tabs to see the results.  If that method doesn’t work for some reason, you can simply enter your procedure volume into Column D in the Analysis
    tab, starting on row 17 (the section in light blue).

    Your results will appear in the light orange sections.  You’ll see any differences between your admin and product volume as well as a the ratios between your primary and secondary vaccines and between the two sets of primary admins.

    COVID Analysis
    Here is where you will find your results for COVID vaccine administration, including a direct by-manufacturer comparison of the admins and product.

  • Practices should exclude VFC vaccine from their data if they practice in a state that doesn't accept both the product and admin codes on a claim.
  • If the tool isn't automatically recognizing your data from the Your Data tab, it's probably seeing your CPT codes as numbers and not text.  Use your spreadsheet tool to change the format of the data and it should then work.
Please send me any comments or questions!  You can download the tool here!