Jump Start Your Patient Volume with Girlology

A little over a month ago, I shared a blog about "Why and How Pediatric Practices Should Launch a Recall Initiative Today" that picked up a lot of traffic.  The premise was two-fold.  First, the trigger for the piece was obviously related to COVID and the need to get patients back into your offices.   Second was the sincere interest in reminding practices how important and vital preventive care is for children.

I continue to look for opportunities for my clients to engage their patients. I first ran into Girlology at Paul Vanchiere's PMI event and was immediately struck by how they'd identified a real gap in patient engagement and are trying to fill it.  

I want to be clear, here.   Neither I nor PCC have any formal relationship with Girlology.  They didn't ask me to write this blog.  I just think it's a potentially really cool resource and one that practices could really leverage to engage half of their patient base on a series of topics that are often not well delivered in many practices.

Check out this Overview they've assembled about their program and here's an FAQ about becoming a Licensed Girlologist (I think it should be "Girologyst" but that's me).  Check out their website.   Or get in touch with them and ask questions.  Maybe I'll have them on a webinar/podcast soon.

I'd like to hear from listeners what they think of the program.  I welcome any feedback.  Tell me what I'm missing!



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