It's...Late Night With Paul and Chip!

In April, 2020, Paul Vanchiere and I fired off a quick webinar to address the growing COVID-19 pandemic.  We thought we might get 50? 100? attendees.  We had over 300 on that first night, as I recall. 

By the middle of the summer, we had well over 1000 pediatricians and their staff tune in every Thursday night from 7pm until finish, which was always after 9pm, sometimes 10pm.  

In the meantime, we had to fire up an on-line forum to capture all the conversations - we welcomed more than 3,500 members.

Paul and I could not be more grateful for the participation and contributions that this entire community made to getting through COVID.  Every time I hear from another practice how Paul and I "saved their practice" I just have to shake my head - we didn't save any practices.  All the hard work is yours.  We were just there to talk about it.

At this point, however, we don't feel right continuing a COVID-focused webinar.  We know COVID isn't going anywhere soon and there's no going back.  But it's time to talk about other things.  So, we're pivoting.  Here's the official announcement:

After nearly 18 months of Business of COVID Webinars, it’s time for Paul Vanchiere and Chip Hart to tweak the webinar format a bit.

We’ve had amazing feedback from our audience…no more 2-hour marathons, requests for more practice management content that ISN’T focused on COVID, and the same large group of friends from around the country.

We may not have had a plan when we started, but we’re now focused on a consistent, shorter webinar schedule with the same helpful information and amazing guests.

  • Limited to one hour!
  • Starting at 8:00 PM ET (to allow west coast practices to join the webinar)
  • The third Thursday of the month for the next four months (to start)

With so many things coming up as we approach the end of the year these are webinars you certainly do not want to miss as they will be covering their usual data updates, news round up and practice management issues such as:

  • 2022 Budget Planning
  • Hiring a Physician versus extender
  • RVU-Based Productivity Models
  • Plus so much more

Click here to sign up for the next four webinars (single registration gets you squared away for the next four webinars).

Thursday Oct. 21
Thursday Nov. 18
Thursday Dec 16
Thursday Jan 20

New Start Time: 8:00PM ET

Limited To One Hour!


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