Ghana and RVUs

Now here's a combination of topics that no one will ever look for. I don't know, for "search engine optimization purposes" whether mixing two items like this is better or worse than writing two quick blog pieces (and pushing content further down the page or into the archives), but I won't worry about it.

First, many of you have noticed that the traffic on PedTalk and the SOAPM lists had died off for about two weeks. You can see why here:

...this what Drs. Stoller and Lessin were up to from Mar 6 to Mar 19 - their medical mission to Ghana.

Second, some of you are aware of the fight we have had with the AMA over our RVU calculators. You'll notice that this one only contains a subset of the codes (the most important pediatric ones) and this one requires you download the codes yourself. Their argument was that, due to their copyright of the CPT codes, no one is allowed to publish any more than 30 CPT codes (and the accompanying RVU values). We didn't have the $$ to fight them, so no more free RVU calculator that doesn't require you to download the codes yourself. Anyway, I have enjoyed making a collection of WWW sites that publish full RVU/CPT values. The problem is that I keep finding them everywhere. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, more. I wonder why the AMA has time to threaten PCC with a lawsuit and not all these folks? [Hint: it has to do with Ingenix losing money.]