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Friends On-line

February 27, 2009 / 0 Comments / / by Chip Hart

As I fall further behind with my blog postings, I must point to two recent additions to the on-line world (well, OK, three):

  • First, Susanne Madden is quoted in a piece about the Love Settlement that references some of the issues I wrote about a few months back.  I never had any resolution about the matter and I remain unhappily cynical.Meanwhile, It's unfortunate that PP continues to make mistakes - in this instance, they spelled Susanne's name wrong (how many times has she been in PP? 20?) and never reference her business, The Verden Group.
  • First.5 - speaking of Susanne's business, she released her Q4 Managed Care Company RankingsThis data is gold.  We should all send her a thank-you note.
  • Second - wow!  Look at Brandon Bettencourt's new blog, Pediatric Inc.!  Brandon comments here from time to time and has decided to raise the bar on me.  I actually took the time to read through his pieces and I think some of these are like the Jerry McGuire white paper.   If I had a blogroll on my new tool here, I'd put his at the top.  Great reading, really, for anyone interested in pediatric practice management.
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